About Iberian Nature

Iberian Nature is a company based in Extremadura since 2005 and has been one of the first specialized companies in offer services of birding guides in the region, all our excursions are guided by local and enthusiastic professionals.

Using local guides based in Extremadura together with the best birding places is our guarantee for offering the best experience to our clients. We accompany them to the places where they are able to enjoy nature in great surroundings, using up-to-date information and our unforgettable knowledge of the region, based on our continued activity watching birds, others animal groups and nature in general in Extremadura.

 Iberian Nature offers you:
- Services of Professional Birding & Nature guide, we are specialist in Extremadura and Gredos.
- A wide variety of birding excursions in Extremadura.
- We offer excursions for small groups (the group size is from one to eight people), couples and individuals.
- Also thematic routes on amphibians and reptiles, mammals, insects (butterflies and dragonflies) and plants (especially orchids).
- Hiking routes as a means to visit some of the lesser-known corners in the countryside.
- Tours of several days in Extremadura and in others birding areas in the Iberian Peninsula (Extremadura, Gredos, Picos de Europa, Doñana, Strait of Gibraltar).
- Routes across the whole of Extremadura for all levels from beginners to the most experienced birders, guided by local professionals.
- Excursions combine transport in spacious air-conditioned vans with comfortable walks.
The guide and founder of Iberian Nature:
Jesús Porras was born in Trujillo on 1982 and he has been a keen for over 20 years. Since then he has been involved in bird conservation proyects and nature studies in Extremadura, collaborating with many different organizations. He is the founder of Iberian Nature and the responsible for the organization of activities with considerable experience guiding birding and nature excursions across Extremadura. He knows very well the most important spot for birding in Extremadura and other birding areas in the Iberian Peninsula.
He is member of SEO-Birdlife, AHE (Spanish Herpetological Association), Emberiza Found among other conservationist groups. Also he is founder and member of Guidex (Association of Professional Bird and Nature Guides of Extremadura).

Iberian Nature is a company registered in the General Register of Companies of Extremadura Tourist Activities with the number OA-CC-0009.